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plus grand iphone

C'est vendredi et l'heure de la légèreté! J'apprécie vraiment une bonne parodie et j'aime quand elle vise une entreprise comme Apple (dont je suis un fanboy total). La perfection de la marque apporte avec elle l'opportunité d'être ridiculisée… et cette vidéo de Satire cloue! Bien que l'idée de guitare soit plutôt cool 🙂

Sur une note latérale, iOS6 est sorti et nous avons vu de très bonnes fonctionnalités. J'ai également vu quelques bugs. Un exemple était que j'étais sur un appel téléphonique ce matin et mon alarme s'est déclenchée… je ne sais pas si cela fonctionnait de la même façon sur la dernière version mais c'était un peu ennuyeux.

De nombreuses applications rencontrent des difficultés avec certains bogues. Je pense qu'Apple et les développeurs de logiciels en sont responsables. Apple maintient une corde raide autour de son processus de demande pour assurer la qualité. C'est une partie du sacrifice de liberté que les utilisateurs d'Apple échangent au profit de la stabilité. Il semble cependant qu'ils n'aient pas vraiment testé les applications existantes pour s'assurer qu'elles étaient pleinement fonctionnelles.

Et les développeurs d'applications ont eu la possibilité de télécharger iOS6 et de tester complètement leurs applications avant la sortie, alors honte à eux pour certaines fonctionnalités qui ne fonctionnent pas. Je n'ai vu aucun gros problème… juste des problèmes mineurs de navigation et de publication.

PS: Merci à Ben McCann de Conseil cataliste pour partager cette trouvaille!

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    hilarious… but to the “fanboy” up there. The fact that you ARE a fanboy shows a complete lack of understanding of technology, marketing and hypnosis. apple spends much of it’s revenue in advertising that targets credulous groups of people that want to be included wen it comes to tech, but have limited technical abilities, are easily suggestible and like to dream. Nothing wrong with dreaming, but by using hypnosis in ads, apple cultivates hidden messages that excite tech lovers, links them to the concept of dreaming/being different and finally links those to the apple symbol. Of course people will say this doesn’t happen, but it’s easy to do that when there are things going on that are beneath their level of consciousness. Furthermore, apple designs it’s ads to make users think they are getting the most technologically cutting edge advancements when in reality they are often stale, old hardware that they get for cheaper, and sell for higher prices. The imac is the perfect example. Apple being an “innovator” should for a price of $2000 give only the latest in hardware for their imac right? Wrong, instead while PC had core i7 for nearly 2 years, apple was still shipping lousy core2duo cpu’s to unsuspecting customers.

    Hence, whey I say they are not quite as technically savvy as they believe they are. And that really stinks, because mac customers have a large base of people who believe that editing video on these is the best. But it would 40 or 50% longer to render anything on a $2000 imac than it would on a $700 pc running windows. Sure people will say, “windoze, omg, windows movie maker”, but after you save $1300 on a pc, buying an $80 to $150 video editing program is a no brainer. OR getting one for free on the web. But most fanboys are fansboys due to the deceptive speeches that Jobs gives during keynotes meetings. Not saying there aren’t at least a few cool items and ideas and successes, but every one I watch has hidden lies in it, exaggerations and so on. It’s always the same formula. Jobs in jeans, memorizing the crowd, OR the get-a-mac commercials with fat guy being PC and thin guy being mac, making fun of pc etc etc. Jobs has hundreds of videos where he’s subtely deceptive too. In one old one he admits that it’s all about marketing, and says he was adapting the Nike sneaker way of selling macs. Don’t talk about mips or megahertz, just talk about the future, and people who have accomplished great things, like Einstein, etc. For Nike they just used Michael Jordon and shazam, quadrupled sales. To me, apple is and always be phony, especially for their desktop computers.

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      Hypnosis? Really? Doesn’t that contradict your premise that they aren’t tech savvy?

      And I can’t find your descriptions credible for the same and opposite reaction you have to mine. It’s absolutely evident that you dislike Apple and don’t use the products. I actually have used both Microsoft and Apple. In fact I still have a very nice PC at home. But my Mac is faster, more reliable, and beautiful. And of my friends that have bought the $700 PC you describe, they’ve also been through 3 of the shitty plastic things in the same time I’ve had my one Mac Book Pro.

      Oh.. and iOS7 is awesome! 🙂 Have fun looking for your Start button… is it back yet?

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