This is Spring Break?

This Hammock is Empty!This week I'm on vacation. It almost makes me chuckle saying that out loud. Here's how my vacation is going thus far:

  1. About a dozen of my sites (or my clients' sites) are being upgraded right now. The sites are being moved to new, faster servers with the latest versions of all software. That, of course, leads to DNS issues (my best friend and client's site redirected to a spammer page all night… ugh!), database connection issues, version issues, theme problems, plugin issues… you name it. I was up until XNUMX:XNUMXAM this morning fixing issues. I have one site left (yea, the same one!).
  2. I have a website that I'm launching this week (since I have no other time) that's now behind in development. However, so far it's gone quite well. I've loaded a binary Geographic database of IP addresses from Maxmind and written code that will auto-center maps based on the user who is visiting. The free version of the API isn't too accurate but it at least directs the person to the right region.
  3. Indianapolis Map

  4. Work has begun on building a plugin for WordPress to make the User Interface much cleaner looking. The functionality doesn't change, but the look and feel is much improved (see below). I've asked Sean from Geek with Laptop to help me out. I'm okay with WP designs and cross-browser issues, but I'm sure Sean can bring this one home.
  5. Nice Admin Preview

  6. And of course, my kids are home. My son is preparing for Prom and going to Université de l'Indiana. My daughter is in full “girlfriend mode” so the phone is ringing non-stop with teenagers running in and out like it's Grand Central Station. I'm about to jump out a window! Luckily, I'm on the second floor.
  7. Add to this that I wish to ramp up my consulting (I took quite an annual cut in income last year without it) so my week is full of calls and luncheons.

How's that for a vacation? I can't wait to get back to work to get a break! (Not!)

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    Hey Doug, j'ai hâte de travailler avec vous sur le plugin d'administration.

    J'ai fait un tas de plugins WP personnalisés pour les gens mais je n'en ai jamais publié un au public, mais cela est sur le point de changer dans les prochains jours car je l'exécute à travers quelques tests supplémentaires.

    Si votre emploi du temps ... euh, les vacances le permettent 🙂 J'aimerais que vous vous lanciez les pneus dessus.

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    Je serais vraiment intéressé par le plugin WordPress que vous avez mentionné. Il serait étrange que tout ce qui concerne WP bascule, sauf son interface de publication! Mes problèmes avec cela, c'est qu'il est trop encombré, et vous ne pouvez pas éliminer le désordre et vous concentrer sur votre écriture.

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