Pourquoi les spécialistes du marketing ne courent-ils pas vers Jaiku?

JaikuSi vous n'avez pas entendu parler de micro-blogging, vous pouvez visiter mon site et regarder dans ma barre latérale où il est écrit «Doug on Jaiku». Le micro-blogage consiste simplement à publier une brève déclaration d'intérêt et / ou votre emplacement. Les deux principaux acteurs du marché semblent être Twitter et Jaiku. Il existe des différences subtiles entre les deux services, mais je suis fan de Jaiku en raison de ses capacités d'intégration. J'ai récemment mis cela à la tâche avec mon plugin WordPress pour Jaiku qui vient de passer 500 téléchargements ce matin!

Marketing sur Jaiku:

Ce qui m'a vraiment surpris à propos de Twitter, et surtout de l'adoption de Jaiku, c'est que les spécialistes du marketing n'ont pas encore compris. C'est honnêtement un peu stupide si vous me demandez, si j'étais un détaillant, j'utiliserais certainement cette technologie. Woot a été un site incroyablement réussi, offrant une seule offre par jour. Jungle Crazy est un autre site qui semble avoir des jambes, offrant un RSS auquel vous pouvez vous abonner et obtenir les meilleures offres. La rumeur veut que Delta Airlines teste Twitter, mais en regardant leur page - les résultats semblent assez inutiles.

Si j'étais une compagnie aérienne, j'automatiserais l'affichage des offres spéciales sur les flux Jaiku individuels, liés à l'emplacement. Imaginez Indianapolis-UA.jaiku.com où je pourrais m'abonner et voir les dernières offres spéciales apparaître dans mon lecteur de flux. Ou peut-être junglecrazy.jaiku.com ou même woot.jaiku.com. Où est dell.jaiku.com ou sony.jaiku.com? Bonjour? Que diable faites-vous, les spécialistes du marketing? C'est une occasion en or d'adopter une nouvelle stratégie et vous dormez tous au volant!

Quelques utilisations supplémentaires en dehors du marketing:

  1. Surveillance - Imaginez que vous êtes un fournisseur d'hébergement et que vous souhaitez envoyer des messages d'information sur les pannes ou la maintenance du système. Pourquoi ne pas avoir un jumpline.jaiku.com ou dreamhost.jaiku.com où l'hébergement Dreamhost ou Jumpline alimente son dernier état du système? Ce qui est fantastique, c'est que Jaiku est hébergé ailleurs… donc le statut peut toujours être diffusé.
  2. 911 sur Jaiku
  3. Niveau de menace pour la sécurité intérieure sur Jaiku
  4. Actualités boursières sur Jaiku
  5. Alertes de tornade sur Jaiku

Où êtes-vous tous? Réveillez-vous! Avez-vous d'autres idées?

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    Do people really want a Woot.Jaiku.com? You can already get a feed at their site. Doug, I don’t think it’s as simple as finding another way to promote your product/service to the masses. The idea for jumpline or another hosting company is cool, but that wouldn’t work for everyone.

    Fox’s Drive is already using Twiiter and that is working out. They are using it as a way to create a community around the show, but more importantly, for those who are into cars as well. I think for anyone in marketing who wants to use Twitter or Jaiku, they should be trying to crate a mini-community and not just shamelessly flung their products. But that’s my 2cents.

    • 2

      Hi Duane,

      I agree that it needs to be a part of an overall strategy. I’m simply surprised that the technology has been sitting out for a while, has garnered much attention, but marketers haven’t been creatively using it. I’m an ‘Integrated Marketing Strategy’ believer – and this is simply another piece that could be added to the puzzle!

      As for Woot, I absolutely think that it would be a knock out! In fact, if I were Twitter or Jaiku, I’d be trying to get something going with them right now!


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    I’m with you Douglas. I mentioned this on my blog a while back, although I was specifically talking about Twitter at the time.

    Alpha geeks like you and me adopt new tech like jaiku and twitter quickly and immediately see the opportunities. Unfortunately, we live out on the edge, and it takes the rest of the world a while to catch up.

    Heck, companies are only now understanding the importance of blogs!

  3. 4

    I stop freelancing next week and start at an ad agency. My job is to live on the edge and bring things like twitter/jaiku to the company table. I hope my alpha geek cred gets the ad agency to adopt these bleeding edge trends/technology faster. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

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    Hi Doug – great post that really opened my eyes to the potential of Twitter. I’ll admit that I was quick to judge it originally as a foolish waste of time … your post on the potential of using micro-blogs from a marketing perspective is spot-on … you’ve changed my opinion and I’ll be experimenting with Twitter and Jaiku as a result.

    I also wanted to thank you for the link a few posts back – I was in the middle of a blog move over to WordPress which is why I haven’t responded sooner. If you have the chance, check out my updated blog at: http://www.smallbusinessmavericks.com/internetmarketing – I’d love to hear what you think. (You can also see today’s post where I am linking to your blog and this post on Jaiku in particular).

    Thanks for the great blog – keep up the great content!


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    We have been trying to figure out how to use Twitter to market the baseball team our company is sponsoring (www.unitedlinen.com) and for marketing the Baseball tournament that is named after us. We are thinking about posting real-time scores at the end of each inning during the 5-day torunament as well as posting scores for the baseball team throughout their season.

    We are trying to figure out how to tell people how to get to twitter and what they need to do to be a follower of the team and of the tournament. We’ve created a suername of ULBraves in Twitter, but that’s about as far as we’ve got. We’re trying…

    • 10

      Hi Scott!

      That’s a great way to use it! You could advertise your Twitter feed and URL and also post those scores on your home page using their API in real-time! Let me know if you need a hand – that would be a cool experiment!


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    Like most posts about the incredible marketing potential of Twitter et al, this one fails to come up with much of anything useful to do with it that can’t be done more easily – and can’t reach more people – with other media.

    How many marketers does the average person actually want sending them tweets on their mobile phone? One of your commenters actually points out someone doing something reasonable with Twitter – using it as a community building tool – but that’s hard work and requires some creativity and thought. Whereas the gist of your post, and your examples, sound like a “hey, let’s throw everything onto microblogging platforms and see what sticks!” approach.

    Finally, there’s the reason that most marketers haven’t run to Jaiku and Twitter: they want to talk to their customers, most of whom are not using these things. Nobody flocks to a technology that the vast majority of their customers aren’t using and don’t seem interested in.

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    Salut Doug.
    Question hoping you can answer or direct me in the right direction. I have a website for teens for a local afterschool program that I am looking to use twitter.
    1. We have a “live” page in the hope that we can have many students texting to it and then it could be splashed on a screen with a projector.
    2.I would love to be able to use this same system for doing conferences where students/people could twitter their thoughts or ideas to a twitter account and as said previous, it would be projected onto a wall for everyone to see live. Let me know if you have any ideas.
    Thanks, Shaun

    • 15

      Hi Shaun!

      This could be done quite easily. I even have some sample code that you can get started with.

      I would just make a Jaiku Channel and then you can invite all your students to that Channel. Everything they post can be displayed – either by retrieving the Channel or by displaying the RSS feed!


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