Quelle est votre stratégie de communication interne?

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Une vidéo hilarante sur stratégies de marketing interne. Je plaisante toujours avec les gens qu'un mécanicien répare sa voiture en dernier ... Je suppose que le marketeur oublie souvent de positionner ses produits et services en interne avant de faire passer le mot!

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    Loved the video! One of the biggest branding/marketing failures I have seen in my career was where the founders were all fired up about the new strategy, but they failed to market it to the staff. Worse yet, since founders never really sold the service, they had no idea how customers perceived the service and the brand.
    At the end of the day, sales teams refused (yes – REFUSED) to use new marketing materials and new terminology. Founders had to go back to the drawing board after dumping all that money.
    So #1 involve your staff in crafting the marketing strategy, because they are at the front lines and #2 if you can’t sell the new strategy to the staff, you will not be able to sell it to the customer.

    Juste mes centimes 2.

    Apolinaras "Apollon" Sinkevicius

    (A bit of re-post, left this comment on the site that commented on the video)

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