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    I like Batman wings! But I like Star Wars X-Wing Fighters too. Are such associations necessarily a negative thing? Maybe, maybe not. I think gradients can add richness to a logo, but your new one DEPENDS on the gradient to communicate shape. That’s going to get you into trouble at smaller sizes, and if/when you need a black and white version.

    And while I agree with the spirit of this article regarding the evolution of a brand logo, I think it’s funny you included Pepsi. Some might argue that the evolution of that brand has been motivated out of fear – grasping for a lifeline. I think the fact that they’ve changed it so many times emotes a sense of insecurity and self doubt. Whereas their primary competitor Coca-Cola has leaned on its brand through the ages. Change to the core brand has been incredibly subtle, and pop culture has adopted it as a slice of Americana.

    My point is, while a logo doesn’t have to be timeless, you ought to strive for one that is. You can always change the messaging around it, but people take comfort and trust in confident brands, and scoff at those that aren’t. How do you fight consumer cynicism? Be authentic.

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    The YMCA logo’s are by no means an evolution – although they might need it. They are simply logos of different YMCAs or structures and as far as I can tell they’re all still in use.

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